Cellar Door

by Cello Figaro

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"Cellar Door" is regarded as one of the most beautiful combinations of words in the English language despite the lack of poetic appeal in it's definition or appearance. In relation to me and my music, whatever preconceived notions you had about my music or rap music in general are void as soon as you hear how beautiful it is.


released January 22, 2013

mixed & mastered by Cello Figaro; additional production from Darius Mines, Will Water, Tyler Wrighteous, & Already Dope.



all rights reserved


Cello Figaro Norfolk, Virginia

Cello Figaro is a 22 y.o. hip-hop artist and producer based in Norfolk, Virginia. Originally from the Midwest, Minneapolis to be exact, Cello's style is thoughtful and clever with a heavy focus on musicality due to his background as a classically trained cellist. ... more

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Track Name: The Longing (These Words)
don't call me young and dumb, I'm one of one
and yet one of us, don't you judge the group without a one on one
they say it's angst we feel, i call i it longing
to real for the world we live in, long for one we belong in
roll with a band of misfit, morally rich kids
home is where the heart is, i've been evicted
strive to set us apart, i parted ways with the norm
the uniformity ain't seem to fit my decorum
my life gets dull as it can be
they tryna block me from reaching my goals like camby
it used to be grammys, but truth is never recognized
so I'll take that lamby, with no second thoughts
'cuz the first where i stand b.

these words are all I have, take them from my soul
leave them on a note, read the words I wrote
I live for this shit, I die for this shit
I live for this shit, I die for this shit

what you want from me is something I can't give
sick of all these whiny simple bits, write a song about me
no sir, got way more plans for those words
i'm sick of writing bout dames, without mentioning names
coretta started it all, but fuck that bitch she engaged
well i'm engaged to my art, drew my own fuckin lane
so how you like me i'm swerving, hard to read like the
line between cursive curses, mercy all i got are these verses
call the crew, Wrighteous, Q, Sky and Julez. we all here
this is like the tunnel song, infinite we all here
cruising round the city in my old supe six
whip it like a slave, django in this shit
Track Name: Island of Misfit Toys
I'm holding on, to a thing that's wrong
cuz we don't be long, but you like my song
does it make you happy
does it make you happy

i see the light at the end of the tunnel,
i keep the green from the end of the rillo
safe for the evening to blow while i'm mourning
death in the morning sounds like my weekend
I'm foreign to these normies that act like they know me
we are not homies, if you aint the fam or a fan you can blow me
whodey, woah there..whippin my volare
a king in my mind, but oh lets not go there
cuz that be the high of your life with a low fare
the ride of your times, my life in my rhymes
should catch a charge when I'm slangin these lines
why would i diss guys who operate life from a disguise
wearing a mask SBTRKT all these lames that I met in the past
added my grind, multiplying my cash
I hear your beat but don't bang with your rhythm
women they flock but the wolf lay within them
and this ain't the grey, vivid my vision
livid I'm missin, chillin and spending my pension
royalty checks in the throne in my distance
I'll take that seat with persistence, but all it takes
is one listen. for commas, I'm out on that mission
while you on your period bitchin.
hold up, what we rolled up?
bet you got 5 if it's live
oh you don't know us
jockin our steez you should owe us
pour up, more of, that moet
goin hard as a motha
don't fuck with them others
blessed if i'm cordial
death if I'm normal
get head get ahead
but i'd rather get oral
ain't suited for fame
but i'll fuck up your formal


so what if i'm the square in a circle of thug niggas
we ain't them fuck ass knuck if you buck niggas
get hit one time and learn how to duck quicker
get hit two times and learn how to punch nigga
this ain't that hood shit, and i ain't a hood nigga
I'mma try me if you want, i wish you would nigga
i ain't in the trap but I'm still a statistic
kick shit, quick wit be like a ballistics
spit b. a . r's just like AR's
The FAD like a little rock and I ain't talkin AR
niggas tryna stunt just tell me when they done
i'm good on everything I'm on like A1
we both in the wealth but we aint got no wealth in common
common wealth shopping cuz i don't dress common
feeling like I'm way to grown for red cups
champagne glass and pabts I pour up
they tellin me I lack some class well so what
life to me is laughs and ass, and mo bucks
and chuuch, jesus...i dont live life at leisure
he could, be a , preacher
that's what they used to say, when i used to pray, day-ly
but now I'm a heathen
saying I aint' rhyme then you must lack reason
cuz hate and logic grow in two different seasons, believe 'em
Track Name: Bout It, Bout It
woke up and said to self, what they listen to..if it isn't you
when rappers tell me real talk I know I'm who they talking bout
I put my 20/20 in a 16 to give a realer view
I know when to step 2, and when to walk it out
I put thought in all of my bars
like i'm doing life behind bars
all I got in life is this pen
I'm gon' be free but I don't know when
life is dull if you aint ridin for ya beliefs so Im still grindin
I'm gon eat off my delivery, thats why i still dine in
I aint worried bout yo set, what you claim, where you rep
but tell me where u from, i probably did a show there
if not then i'm probably gonna go there
i aint did a local show in damn, idk how long
and niggas try to run to where i'm at like the pylon
coincidentally i'm still 100 yards away
burning the competition turn they hood to pompei
waving my success at these haters like Olay
them niggas tried to game me till they found out that I don't play
good kid turned bad, turned real bad
them girls that end up with me, i know their parents real mad
but fuck that i ride for them girls that don't know they real dad
It's not me but i feel that
got real love, got real hate, real car, i'll take u out on real dates
away from these real streets, cuz baby those real slugs
but if we decide to stay we gon make real love while we real buzzed
and i aint got time to play so if not me, yo girlfriend gon feel us!
you gotta be sick and tired of all them lines, all them lines

tell me something real, I've been on the road
I forgot how it feels, i need somehow to show me
if they bout it bout it, bout it, bout it bout it aye
bout it bout it, bout it, bout it bout it aye

I'm tryna be up in these films like fucking kodak
put my team on the map, leave virginia and hit tokyo ave
hella faded and depressed pop a couple prozak
I ain't tripping I just don't know act
rude ass gentleman, the black john stamos
the only nigga in the competition like Kano
whipping my volare, keep yo new ferrari
i prefer my whip old like atari
can't wait them get them switches that'll make it
pop lock like its omari
u stunt so u can rap about, man this just my hobby
man i'm in the fucking building you just stuck down in the lobby
i'll kill myself if I'm second, I feel like ricky bobby
a stonesthrow away from your goal is mad decent
I crossed that path about a year ago, that's mad recent
and ever since then i been all about these ends
my mind be on these shows, get yo mind up off these hoes
Track Name: Lie To Me
If I had a dollar for every lie I was told
and I could pay the debt for every lie that I spoke
when them collection agents start paging my phone
I'd look at my bank account and still say I was broke
and if I learned something its that I learnd nothing
at all tryna ball for these broads like I'm stuntin
oh lord, at least i'm honest about my dishonesty
when I was just tryna be what ppl wanted from me
when i was kid they put me up in the pulpit
foolish, i was preaching that bull shit
fast forward to college now i'm preaching that cool shit
when honestly, i really haven't been cool since
who can remember their first lie
whether you was the one to tell it or the one it was told to
I just know the first always felt like a bold move
but ever since then its like i lie cuz I'm 'sposed to.


tell me i'm awesome, tell me i'm the shit girl
tell me anything you want, get you anything you want
I been lying to myself for so long
that I aint got the write to tell you you're wrong
so tell me a lie, make it feel good
tell me a lie, make it real good
tell me a lie, make me feel good
tell me a lie. a lie, a lie, a lie

if you love me stroke my ego, say i'm regal
i'll treat you equal. if you wanna be a star I'll never kill your dream
and stop your shine before you reach the sky
I'll just catch you when you fall and say at least you tried
they tell us honesty is what we're missing
but truth be told we'd be living a lie
we just insisted on existing, you and I
would be dishonest if we go against our primal nature
we won't survive. cutting ties with a life we aint suited for
the truth behind the lies we tell is what i find beautiful
as longs our intentions our pure could you blame us
I know that it's haneous, we don't need a savior..the truth
could save us. i repent for my sins to Lord make amends, Amen
and then I find myself lying again thru these pens, make amends.
a lie is where imagination often begins, the truth from within
Track Name: God Bless Us All
I deserve a tropy or ribbon
Ha! my class I'm just sittin on my ass reminscen
bout the past sippin pabst bumpin jazzin, followed
by that pabst and jazz. I'm a class act, haz-mat, mad
rap phenom, with nikes on you pointin at an icon
it ain't hard to see truth thru the view of a nikon
got up off these benches, couldn't see my future being bleak
like memphis had to upgrade my lenses
now my foresight 20/20 hind sight nada
cuz I ain't stuck in the past like young marty's father
I ain't pressed to send these a&r's my latest demo
it be the same if I just wrote some notes on a memo
the grind is a struggle but i love it so i'm happy sad
copped an eight of happiness with just the little cash he had
blueberry, strawberry, grape, and vanilla
true theory, all bearing, hate, we some killas

pull once and blow, make sure you pull slow
and get it all, God bless us all
sip once and stand, they know us well so
God bless us all

these niggas won't hold me back, these niggas wont hold me back
these hoes wanna hold me back, no these hoes won't hold me back
So I walk out from they mind
yet they still lay in mines
I'm patient but hate time
I can't grasp the concept of hate crimes
it's far fetched but life is just car theft and car wrecks
so I drive till I'm live in limelight with 5 mics
I'm too hype, I'm true life, I'm too fly, I'm cool right
i thought so, but you lie, I'm not dope
that's cool tho, i'm pujols, i make hits and you know
this here and new tho, just new to you bro
you was bumpin that g-schock, this flow that hublot
I'm midwest and down south
thats heartland and lust hoe
I'm anxious for greatness
i'm gungho with gusto
these rappers are pansies
me mucho robusto