The Longing (These Words)

from by Cello Figaro



don't call me young and dumb, I'm one of one
and yet one of us, don't you judge the group without a one on one
they say it's angst we feel, i call i it longing
to real for the world we live in, long for one we belong in
roll with a band of misfit, morally rich kids
home is where the heart is, i've been evicted
strive to set us apart, i parted ways with the norm
the uniformity ain't seem to fit my decorum
my life gets dull as it can be
they tryna block me from reaching my goals like camby
it used to be grammys, but truth is never recognized
so I'll take that lamby, with no second thoughts
'cuz the first where i stand b.

these words are all I have, take them from my soul
leave them on a note, read the words I wrote
I live for this shit, I die for this shit
I live for this shit, I die for this shit

what you want from me is something I can't give
sick of all these whiny simple bits, write a song about me
no sir, got way more plans for those words
i'm sick of writing bout dames, without mentioning names
coretta started it all, but fuck that bitch she engaged
well i'm engaged to my art, drew my own fuckin lane
so how you like me i'm swerving, hard to read like the
line between cursive curses, mercy all i got are these verses
call the crew, Wrighteous, Q, Sky and Julez. we all here
this is like the tunnel song, infinite we all here
cruising round the city in my old supe six
whip it like a slave, django in this shit


from Cellar Door, released January 22, 2013
produced by Cello Figaro



all rights reserved


Cello Figaro Norfolk, Virginia

Cello Figaro is a 22 y.o. hip-hop artist and producer based in Norfolk, Virginia. Originally from the Midwest, Minneapolis to be exact, Cello's style is thoughtful and clever with a heavy focus on musicality due to his background as a classically trained cellist. ... more

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