Island of Misfit Toys

from by Cello Figaro



samples Norah Jones - She's 22


I'm holding on, to a thing that's wrong
cuz we don't be long, but you like my song
does it make you happy
does it make you happy

i see the light at the end of the tunnel,
i keep the green from the end of the rillo
safe for the evening to blow while i'm mourning
death in the morning sounds like my weekend
I'm foreign to these normies that act like they know me
we are not homies, if you aint the fam or a fan you can blow me
whodey, woah there..whippin my volare
a king in my mind, but oh lets not go there
cuz that be the high of your life with a low fare
the ride of your times, my life in my rhymes
should catch a charge when I'm slangin these lines
why would i diss guys who operate life from a disguise
wearing a mask SBTRKT all these lames that I met in the past
added my grind, multiplying my cash
I hear your beat but don't bang with your rhythm
women they flock but the wolf lay within them
and this ain't the grey, vivid my vision
livid I'm missin, chillin and spending my pension
royalty checks in the throne in my distance
I'll take that seat with persistence, but all it takes
is one listen. for commas, I'm out on that mission
while you on your period bitchin.
hold up, what we rolled up?
bet you got 5 if it's live
oh you don't know us
jockin our steez you should owe us
pour up, more of, that moet
goin hard as a motha
don't fuck with them others
blessed if i'm cordial
death if I'm normal
get head get ahead
but i'd rather get oral
ain't suited for fame
but i'll fuck up your formal


so what if i'm the square in a circle of thug niggas
we ain't them fuck ass knuck if you buck niggas
get hit one time and learn how to duck quicker
get hit two times and learn how to punch nigga
this ain't that hood shit, and i ain't a hood nigga
I'mma try me if you want, i wish you would nigga
i ain't in the trap but I'm still a statistic
kick shit, quick wit be like a ballistics
spit b. a . r's just like AR's
The FAD like a little rock and I ain't talkin AR
niggas tryna stunt just tell me when they done
i'm good on everything I'm on like A1
we both in the wealth but we aint got no wealth in common
common wealth shopping cuz i don't dress common
feeling like I'm way to grown for red cups
champagne glass and pabts I pour up
they tellin me I lack some class well so what
life to me is laughs and ass, and mo bucks
and chuuch, jesus...i dont live life at leisure
he could, be a , preacher
that's what they used to say, when i used to pray, day-ly
but now I'm a heathen
saying I aint' rhyme then you must lack reason
cuz hate and logic grow in two different seasons, believe 'em


from Cellar Door, released January 22, 2013
produced by Cello Figaro



all rights reserved


Cello Figaro Norfolk, Virginia

Cello Figaro is a 22 y.o. hip-hop artist and producer based in Norfolk, Virginia. Originally from the Midwest, Minneapolis to be exact, Cello's style is thoughtful and clever with a heavy focus on musicality due to his background as a classically trained cellist. ... more

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