God Bless Us All

from by Cello Figaro



samples Lost River/Old River - Missing Mountains


I deserve a tropy or ribbon
Ha! my class I'm just sittin on my ass reminscen
bout the past sippin pabst bumpin jazzin, followed
by that pabst and jazz. I'm a class act, haz-mat, mad
rap phenom, with nikes on you pointin at an icon
it ain't hard to see truth thru the view of a nikon
got up off these benches, couldn't see my future being bleak
like memphis had to upgrade my lenses
now my foresight 20/20 hind sight nada
cuz I ain't stuck in the past like young marty's father
I ain't pressed to send these a&r's my latest demo
it be the same if I just wrote some notes on a memo
the grind is a struggle but i love it so i'm happy sad
copped an eight of happiness with just the little cash he had
blueberry, strawberry, grape, and vanilla
true theory, all bearing, hate, we some killas

pull once and blow, make sure you pull slow
and get it all, God bless us all
sip once and stand, they know us well so
God bless us all

these niggas won't hold me back, these niggas wont hold me back
these hoes wanna hold me back, no these hoes won't hold me back
So I walk out from they mind
yet they still lay in mines
I'm patient but hate time
I can't grasp the concept of hate crimes
it's far fetched but life is just car theft and car wrecks
so I drive till I'm live in limelight with 5 mics
I'm too hype, I'm true life, I'm too fly, I'm cool right
i thought so, but you lie, I'm not dope
that's cool tho, i'm pujols, i make hits and you know
this here and new tho, just new to you bro
you was bumpin that g-schock, this flow that hublot
I'm midwest and down south
thats heartland and lust hoe
I'm anxious for greatness
i'm gungho with gusto
these rappers are pansies
me mucho robusto


from Cellar Door, released January 22, 2013
produced by Cello Figaro



all rights reserved


Cello Figaro Norfolk, Virginia

Cello Figaro is a 22 y.o. hip-hop artist and producer based in Norfolk, Virginia. Originally from the Midwest, Minneapolis to be exact, Cello's style is thoughtful and clever with a heavy focus on musicality due to his background as a classically trained cellist. ... more

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